Program Focus: Cultural Enrichment in the Visual and Performing Arts

For more than a decade, the South Suburban Chicago (IL) Chapter of the Links, Incorporated Arts Facet has provided a program of enrichment to elementary and middle school students within the Chicago Heights and Harvey, Illinois communities via visual, musical and performing arts activities and programs. Students have increased their cultural awareness by:

  • experiencing live theatrical productions
  • visiting galleries and viewing exhibits featuring a variety of media
  • receiving instruction with an artist-in-residence
  • participating in happenings beyond the geographic boundaries of their community

One very unique aspect of the program involves a focus on creative writing and spoken word with an emphasis on the critical issues of social justice and personal responsibility. Through participation in the National Signature Arts Program, Classics Through the Ages, SSCC plays an integral role in nurturing the growth and development of select student artists interested in pursuing arts as their career path. In addition, the Arts Facet works diligently to serve as a resource to integrate arts-related activities and information with those of other program Facets. A recent grant and partnership with Urban Gateways will take programming to new heights. The professional performing arts instruction will add a dimension of artistic experience and opportunity never before offered to the children of these underserved communities.